Empire Market Link

The eldest darknet marketplace of the Tor network Empire Market, which supports Escrow and accepts BTC, exists straightforward since 2013, and still is prosperous, welcoming any customers and vendors to cooperate!

The signup process:
To become a member of our marketplace, you shall go to the next onion link in your Tor: http://qsq2mdk6af7x6ek4.onion , you’re welcome.
Here, at the face page, you will find that shiny “signup” at the top of a page – click on it. Also don’t forget, that you have to interact at least once in three months, otherwise you will be banned.

What are Empire Market’s official hyperlinks? Below I give you our market’s genuine onion URLs, no scamming!

URL to the EmpireMarket itself: qsq2mdk6af7x6ek4.onion
Also this: siwgrela6ps2w3bp.onion
Link to the forum: 4dfv3ytbm7mrpldi.onion
Don’t be shy to seek for mirror URLs in case of hacker attacks or unavailability here
Some advices to a prospective buyer

As a reputed marketplace, we gladly supervise and control over the situation, no scams are allowed to sell here, and if so – they’ve got no chance to transact due to our security measures. So don’t be bothered to enjoy our friendly community – respecting each other, our goods are delivered and packaged twice good, you won’t meet somewhat of low-qualified production. Moreover, we constantly issue those “trusted vendor” labels to ensure all of our dear customers in the safety of our first plan merchants. You can always check their transactions history, reviews and feedback just at their profiles. Nevertheless, those vendors who haven’t got that label are as same decent and sincere, yet they can provide the same quality of goods.
Here are some measures and mistakes that you have to prevent at first:

You have to use a complicated, random password, the more sophisticated the better, and make each of them new for every site.
Check, study thoroughly the site that you are about to register in! Doing so, you may prevent any phishing.
Make use of 2-FA option!
Use of BTC
BTC is needed to make all of the transactions possible, therefore you have to make a deposit using this cryptocurrency. After a short of time, amount of BTC shipped to your account will be displayed – it usually passes through three checks, each takes about ten minutes.
Why you should to handle PGP encryption:
PGP keys allows all the members of the marketplace to transact without any doubts; it’s function lies in encrypting all of the information, including chatting , messaging, transaction data and so on – and Empire Market does that for you! All of our vendors have those PGP keys located at their pages, so you could make a research of their reliability. By using PGP, you make sure that no person except you and your dealer are able to determine the transaction data – so please, feel free to take advantage of our market’s security features and defend yourself from leaking!

About Escrow function:
Often referred as to the best method to ensure that transaction was successful and both sides were satisfied, Escrow is built in the most of marketplaces as today. The idea is that your money isn’t going directly to the vendor, at first it has to pass a simple verification – once you get your product, you write a report, and only then the dealer gets your money, that is a kind of a third-party supervision.

How to request for a buy:
As soon as these three little checks have passed, you instantly are granted to make a wished order – but note, that you have to be an active user to make up your purchaser reputation. Once you requested to by , seller gets the desired info rapidly, but note, that to receive your order, he has to be online. To sum up your request, dealer can also ask some questions to you via the built-in messenger. Since you acquired your order you obligatory have to confirm that transaction was successful via the Escrow, so the vendor could get paid. Here you also make up a review, tell the community, was that purchase worth it or no etc. If some troubles were met – the best way will be to write about it in your review, so you could let your dealer what went wrong.
Order debating
In case you have not acquired your product for a long time, first of all you are recommended to touch with your dealer. If that cannot work out the outlined question, you can replace your debate – yet we please you to be honest, don’t scam because that will be punished. Your debate provides with the special URL, which can lead to your profile and overall statistics.

Advising Dealers

Signing up as a Dealer:
You are allowed to have an account on our market after the specified “Vendor Registration”: to proceed, you’re obligated to deposit around 0.25 of a Bitcoin – that way we do fend off any exit-scamming. In case of closing your business on our market, you can always request to bring your deposit back.
What is banned to sell:
Hitman or any “injury to other people” services, including means of mass elimination like bombs or viruses.
The classification of products:
After you have passed through all of the authentication steps, you are allowed to scroll down and check for products for sale. It will immediately happen after our market’s administration proves your vending capability (the deposit we talked about earlier). To place your service or merchandise, visit the “Hande Gives” webpage, push the “Add Supply” button. By placing your merchandise, it is mandatory to provide dealer’s name and date requisites on a merchandise’s image, which could be limitless.
FE option

FE stands for “Finalizing Earlier” – it grants the vendor an option to demand for an earlier agreement of a product’s delivery – which is done by a purchaser. To do so, firstly you have to be an authorized and reputed vendor, secondly, that action needs to be supported by the Market’s administration, otherwise your vending account could be banned or seized!